Lost in Thought

People always say, “Life is like a box of chocolates”:
Full of surprises-some we crave, others, well…like nugget.

Reminiscing with the stars, my thoughts grow sweet.

What have you become?
My little lantern light
Of days before I could speak.

Orion has gone, and the Dippers begin to fade.

Smoke rushes in clouding my vision,
Reality abrupts my sights too soon.
I fear the pressing dark and long awaited night…

Season me with bright white reason.

Pull it out of my burnt black sheets.

It feels lonely in the distant dark

As I wander in perpetual estrangement.

…Can you hear me?
Come down and carry me towards luminosity, please!

It is time, my lover, to come and meet me at the gate…

I wake, a light still on…I hear her refrain.
I cannot comprehend what has come to pass.
I feel a wishing, a great wanting for things to change.

A limit to my light was reached today.
Deep down inside, I knew it could not be.

All that nightlong lovemaking could never

Really stop what was going on inside of me.

Burn brightest, my magnificent star.
Be eager in finding your watch light’s beam.
Never fear, you know the length the light of your wick can travel.

Watch it stride out valiantly to meet your guardian’s steed.

I smoke out the midnight candles with tear-stained, wanting lips.

Our last meal’s remnants lie scattered on the floor.

What made you want to leave so badly?
The image of your eyes bulge before me

Saying, I could not but help it, for what of freedom...?

…I could not give you what you wanted
And so this fantastic dream of love-you and I

Will never share.

I wake, seething fast; the moon is gone,
And red clouds have come to kiss the night to sleep.

Come back to me my darling…
My light’s gone out, and now, I cannot see.

–Laura Bernas

Laura is a freelance writer hailing from Buffalo, NY. Having lived in places such as Russia, Africa, and Alaska, she loves truly original short fiction, poetry, and pretty much anything to do with fantasy and adventure in foreign lands. Hoping to one day soon publish her first novel, Laura spends her time not writing making independent films, acting & singing in theater, and enjoying all the delicious restaurants NYC has to offer. You can contact her for any and all of your writing needs at laura.bernas13@gmail.com and on Instagram

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