A Lover’s Meditation

a sigh of sorrow escapes

as exhausted mind wanders

seeking pleasure for peace

yet often nowhere to be found


when words insanely ramble

meanings lost its value

upon whom or what or where

to ask for alms, a redress

of worldly affairs full distress

so much-so much tears

dry up in wailing silent


for a reason unknown

heart frames memories

of a faraway tales

chasing a woeful hymn


salvage of this tainted soul

slowly fragmenting, breaking

as spirit sinks deeper

in the abyss of emptiness

–Noor Aisya Buang

Aisya has been writing poems since 2011. Her poems and short stories have been published in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia newspapers. Her first poetry book Kastil Aisya (Aisya’s Castle)  has won book prize in Malay Literary Award, Singapore 2015 and shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize 2016. Her second Malay poetry book Cahaya Dalam Sunyi (Light in Loneliness) has been published recently. She is now in preparation to translate her poems in English and publishing her first Malay short stories. She can be reached through email kastialaisya@gmail.com

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