And One for my Friend

I sit with Casey at the breakfast table as she scarfs down one of the two pieces of pumpkin pie on her plate. We giggle about how much fun it was to play dolls at dawn. Her mother examines us with curious intention, impatience betraying her stoic wall. Casey again offers me the second slice of pie. Again, I politely decline. I never much care for pumpkin. “Casey, if you’re not going to eat the second piece, I’m putting it back in the fridge,” her mother hisses. Behind a crisp newspaper, Casey’s father grumbles to his wife to let Casey have her fun.

M. Lachi is a sci-fi and fantasy writer and established songwriter based in New York City. Her literary work has been mentioned in The Examiner/AXS and Publishers Weekly among others. Check out the trailer for her The Ivory Staff, dubbed ‘a song for our times’ by Midwest Book Review on Youtube and find the book on Amazon. You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and at

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