It’s easier

with the volume off.

Simpler to just not

hear you talk.


The sound of your voice

is the catalyst for the explosion

that I must express

under duress.


If I could do anything,

I’d go deaf.

I’d do that to erase the touch of your breath

on my back

on the morning you went to class.


You won’t learn anything

you don’t already know.

You won’t learn anything

I haven’t discovered for myself.


I sipped from your Holy Grail,

but you cut my hair, Delilah.

And the shit in that panacea

can’t stop the nausea or the throbbing heartbeat.

Naked and afraid,

I see the locks strewn across the room.


It will all grow back soon.

But ’til then, I’ll ignore the calls

And I’ll stay mute.

–Janni Raychuk

Janni’s favorite hobby is writing. If you want to contact her, do so at

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