Heart Failure

We’ve done away with straight lines.

We are instantaneous.

I am inside of you now,

and you’re inside me.

We’ve unwritten the question mark;

there are only answers between us.

I’ve been known to hold grudges:

when the Reconquista came for me I led

the battle cry, and even now I do a war dance

on the graves of my enemies.

Our armies are clashing once more, dearest.

But I have the Law on my side; the Long-

Arms will neutralize you soon enough,

and deliver you to me, concentrated.

Our love is undiluted; unfiltered, like

the cigarettes corrupting our lungs.

We built a foundation, our foundation, on

blood: we’ve been using each other up to

keep our city afloat.

I see the sinking in your eyes.

We are not like we were.

The space between us made our

greatest strength a debilitating hindrance.

I am inside you, and you’re in me.

But our bodies are rejecting each other;

the antibodies can’t tolerate our melding

into one.

We’re toxic now.

Our hearts once beat as one.

The beat ever goes on,

but the song is arrhythmic.

We’re at the end of it now, and the pacemaker is unable to stabilize us.

I am in shock now, as are you.

We’re broken.

–Jordan Mazzella

Jordan is an author and assistant teacher living in Brooklyn, New York. His works have been featured in The Brooklyn Review, as well as the Brooklyn College English Majors’ Zine and Hunter College’s OliveTree Review. You can contact him via email at nycstreetpoet@gmail.com, and he can be found on Facebook, as well as on WordPress.

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