Lethal Love Letters 4

Dear Nicole,
Welcome my child!
You are now my possession!
The demon’s within you-
I will be your obsession
Exorcism is not
Even an OPTION
You’re stuck with me now
And, I just can’t be forgotten
I seep through your veins
I claw at your skin
You can fight the battle
But, you will NEVER win!
When you think that it’s over
And, you think that you’ve won
You will find out my dear
That the battle’s just begun
A fight to the death
As I take over your soul
With me in your system
I am all that you’ll know
I’ll rape you of everything
That you thought you knew
I’ll brainwash your mind
And, you won’t have a clue
You’ll be left in a corner
Of darkness and grief
I’ll be your religion
Your one and only true belief
Here I am child
And, now you are my whore,
As I patiently sit
Waiting at your door.
Once again it’s Heroin, forevermore.
Nicole D’Settēmi

Nicole is the author of Addictarium: A Heroin Abuse & Recovery Memoir. She is currently living in upstate New York, and is also the author of multiple pieces of lyric poetry, and other writing endeavors. In her spare time she runs a creative design firm, assisting others in need of artistic direction digitally. She loves painting, sketching, and reading when she isn’t busy working on her novels.

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