Lethal Love Letters 5

Dear Heroin,
How could you do this?
I can’t even breathe
It’s like I am dying
I can’t think
I can’t see
Save me from dying
I scream right out loud
I see all the faces
But you stand out in the crowd
I muster the strength to try to get up and just leave
But it’s like without you
I can’t even breathe!
So I fall down to my feet
And I beg for some mercy
But, it’s like I am stuck
Or like somebody has cursed me
Who now can save me
From this cycle of destruction?
From this world that I now live in
And, I just keep getting stuck in
Goodbye Heroin, please don’t reply.
Goodbye Heroin, I don’t want to die.
Nicole D’Settēmi

Nicole is the author of Addictarium: A Heroin Abuse & Recovery Memoir. She is currently living in upstate New York, and is also the author of multiple pieces of lyric poetry, and other writing endeavors. In her spare time she runs a creative design firm, assisting others in need of artistic direction digitally. She loves painting, sketching, and reading when she isn’t busy working on her novels.

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