A Night’s Tale

wonder how many times i exhale a breath,
like a sword–slicing up the breeze
then. mete out to the surface faintly
utmost quietly.


dear, the lantern dazing a twinkling light
its gloom can’t be read; in darkness embedded
an ancient of silence so fond of recording sounds
from a century panting-hymning the sky’s psalms
smoothing stillness, hushing up meaning
creating a distance between you–me, till our eyes
unable to touch sight, even no more
unable to grasp lght.


“from the slices of breeze i have executed,
only sign language is being picked not
been assessed by thee of its howling…”


(and like yesterday, dear;
the breeze and night are still singing majnun’s qasidah
through the breath of nafs: heart.)
–Noor Aisya Buang

Aisya has been writing poems since 2011. Her poems and short stories have been published in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia newspapers. Her first poetry book Kastil Aisya (Aisya’s Castle)  has won book prize in Malay Literary Award, Singapore 2015 and shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize 2016. Her second Malay poetry book Cahaya Dalam Sunyi (Light in Loneliness) has been published recently. She is now in preparation to translate her poems in English and publishing her first Malay short stories. She can be reached through email kastialaisya@gmail.com

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