About the Future of the Site

By David Castro

We have been working on this site for two years now, and it has been a blast. Being a home for new and upcoming writers is something that I, myself, have wanted to do for a lifetime. Which is why the next thing I have to say is hard.

Both of our work lives have grown to the point where we don’t have a lot of free time life for other projects, including this one, and thus, we are putting the site on indefinite hiatus. If or when we have the time to commit to this project fully, we will open back up, but until then, we will not be taking anymore submissions.

Posts that are already queued to post will continue to be posted until they run out. If you have a piece that was due to post but wasn’t, we are sorry. If or when we start up again, those pieces will get priority to be published before new submissions.

We thank you for following us, for submitting your work with us, and for taking this journey with us. We hope we are able to start it up again. Please check out our featured authors and follow them, we know that they are going to do big things. Here’s to seeing you all again.

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