Lethal Love Letters 7

Dear Heroin,
I thought I would leave you
But, you were all that I needed
I tried to just leave you
I begged and I pleaded
But, I gave in again
To your seductive power
And now I sit in filth
In desperate need of a shower
To cleanse me of all
The pain and the guilt
I sit like a rose
That’s dead and does wilt
But, Heroin, I’m telling you; I must fight back
I cannot do this
I’m in full attack
I’m taking my life
I’m standing up now
I swear I will do it
I’ll do it somehow
And if I open my door
And you’re still standing there
I swear to you Heroin;
I will no longer care
I’m over this twisted
Love-Hate AFFAIR
And, I’m killing you NOW
So please be aware!
Goodbye Heroin,
I’m saying GOODBYE
I want to live-

Nicole D’Settēmi

Nicole is the author of Addictarium: A Heroin Abuse & Recovery Memoir. She is currently living in upstate New York, and is also the author of multiple pieces of lyric poetry, and other writing endeavors. In her spare time she runs a creative design firm, assisting others in need of artistic direction digitally. She loves painting, sketching, and reading when she isn’t busy working on her novels.

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