Possessed Wine

pour thirst

into a glass of longing

gulping unsatisfactorily

ingredients of thousand pleasure

o dearest lover…


intoxicate me a century yearning

at hollow pharynx of addictiveness

breaking entire furor

so full of turbulence!

–Noor Aisya Buang
Aisya has been writing poems since 2011. Her poems and short stories have been published in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia newspapers. Her first poetry book Kastil Aisya (Aisya’s Castle)  has won book prize in Malay Literary Award, Singapore 2015 and shortlisted for Singapore Literature Prize 2016. Her second Malay poetry book Cahaya Dalam Sunyi (Light in Loneliness) has been published recently. She is now in preparation to translate her poems in English and publishing her first Malay short stories. She can be reached through email kastialaisya@gmail.com

Then Gone

This morning I walked the dog.

The neighborhood was quiet.

The air was cold,

Or at least as cold as it can get in a sprinkler-fueled necropolis like this one.

The dog wandered from leaf to leaf, from pine cone to pine cone, anomaly to anomaly.

And then a leaf fell.

But it didn’t spiral down onto the ground.

For some reason,

the fates had crafted the leaf so perfectly,

that it flew.

In a straight line it flew all the way to the opposite side of the street like a paper airplane,

then settled to the ground.


And that moment’s gone.

It’ll never come again.

But I guess that’s perfection.



Comes upon you when walking your dog down an empty street.

Never when you want it.

Never when you need it.

Just a leaf, in the sky, flying over your head.

Then gone.

–Joe Fisher


Joe is a writer living in Los Angeles. His plays have appeared in Los Angeles, Portland, New York, Dallas and Chicago. He has also worked on several feature film projects that he will not name because he is too embarrassed to admit he worked on them. He also has a son named Dash and a fish named Billy Bob.

Without You

I never really understood the how phrase “I can’t live without you.” when it comes to your lover. I’ve actually always thought it was rather silly, being that we’ve gone our whole lives without knowing said lovers beforehand. Now this term possesses new meaning. Ever since that tender moment when you unceremoniously drifted into my life, you’ve taken control and have enlightened me on just how uninformed I was on this matter. You’ve somehow dug your way under my skin, through the barriers, over the walls, uncompromisingly defeating all of the guards and headed straight into the depths of my soul. You’ve opened up chambers in my heart that I never knew existed. I’ve sacrificed my physical person allowing our essences to fuse. I’ve fashioned a life for myself that completely revolves around you and yours. Now if, and may the gods forbid it, you were to ever leave me, you’ll take that piece of me that is essentially attached to you. Without it, I’d fundamentally die like an orchid in the dark. Blood will continue to flow through my veins, but I will be dead from the inside which is far worse than the out. All that once aroused, will begin to depress. The brilliant colors of life would drip to the drains and spiral away; things would no longer be vivacious and pleasant. I would not, no I COULD NOT continue life as I once did merrily without you by my side. This is how I’ve come to not only understand the phrase, but have come to the conclusion for myself, that I really and truly cannot “live” without you.


What is love to me? A gentle death of logic, a worthy mental torment, a delicious poison that will bring your sentiments of solitude to its final resting place.


What is love to me? All of the insane beauty I see when I look into your eyes.


–Joshua JaiBz

Joshua is a poet/performer, writer, podcast co-host, and an empanada addict. This is a piece from his poetry book Get Lost in the Deep Blue Me. Words are his toys and life is his playground. Links to his books and podcast can be found on his Instagram.

Never Far Behind

we are soft like water, but we don’t always flow like water. in tranquil motions among the rocks.


we are not always effervescent.


i like being by calm waters. water runs oppositional to a disposition with vast emotional tides.


water guides me. tells me to glide on through when need be.


moments exude transience, feelings are fleeting.


no matter how the sky aligns by the day’s end, the sun is never far behind.


–Lauren Suval

Lauren is a writer based in NY, and her work has been featured on Psych Central, Thought Catalog and Medium. Feel free to drop her a line at lauren.suval@gmail.com.


the tops of hills

visible through the companionway when the wind shifts

are really green

and the sky

is really blue

someone told me a lot of sailors were buried here

but i don’t know any of them

i should be moving on

i guess sailors do a lot of moving on

aw shit

i can’t remember wanting to be anywhere i was

but i could be feeling weird

the wind never really came up today

old people are anchored all around me

some have great tans

–Harry Ricciardi

Harry builds boats in Vineyard Haven. You can find his Tumblr here.