Micro Poem 22

You won’t reach

the top of humanity hill


you feel

the people’s unseen pains

and wipe up

the invisible tears

–Soodabeh Saeidina

Soodabeh was born in Iran and received multiple degrees from Tehran University of Medical Sciences. She has being worked as the University researcher, as a professor for 10 years in Japan, Iran and Canada, and has published about 150 scientific papers in prestigious journals as well as books in both English and Persian. Now, she is living in New York with her husband and 9-year-old son. She is interested in writing science fiction and poems in English, and has published a book of her poems in Persian named “Words for myself”, which you can find here, as well as her Facebook and Twitter.


some days words can’t reach you

language won’t resonate

the way

you’ve wanted

certain people seem to understand more of us

than others

in their absence

you say a lot of things to yourself

then some days it grates

you know

it comes apart like cheese

nobody understands you anymore

and any interest you have in yourself

deeply wanes

–Harry Ricciardi

Harry builds boats in Vineyard Haven. You can find his Tumblr here.